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Young flight attendants are sexy and cosmopolitan

Many young good-looking ladies want to start a career as a female flight attendant. General associations with this job are: freedom, foreign languages, distant countries, exciting new cultures and a friendly and attentive customer service on board. To be able to live this dream, young women must meet certain criteria similar to young and sexy models. They have to have certain body measures, a certain height, a great body and a nice smile. In short: They must be young and sexy and beautiful. Only if a younger girl fulfills all these requirements, she gets the chance to apply for the job as a flight attendant and to start the recruitment process.

Apart from the above mentioned associations with beautiful flight attendants there is another persisting prejudice about these sexy young single women. Sexy flight attendants have the reputation to be an easy flirting target. Rumor has it that hot flight attendants start sexy affairs with pilots, flight guests or men they meet in bars or hotels every time they land on certain airports. Surely, everyone heard of the cliché of flight guests having sex with flight attendants on the on-board toilet.

When arriving at a target airport, the young ladies often do not have a lot of time nor possibilities to take advantage of the city or country, because their flight schedule does not allow it. The most probable way to meet sexy flight attendants is therefore visiting the bars and hotel bars nearby the airport. Many of them are sexy single girls who do not mind flirting.

A one-night-stand with a young and sexy flight attendant is easy to achieve. This is a rumor you think? Well, only partly. It is the same like meeting a beautiful single lady with a different kind of job: it is different from girl to girl. However, it is a fact, that the work place of young female flight attendants is quiet boring and plain. This on top of the loneliness they have to deal with in the hotel at the target airport leads, again depending on the character of the girl, to a certain lack of excitement. Which is why young single ladies want to flirt, date and have fun. And they grab the opportunity when its there. Flirting with hot flight attendants is therefore easy, because they are known for partying hard and without limits. And when in the mood and meeting the right man, they might even be open for an exciting one night stand.

A date with sexy flight attendants mostly remains a secret. This is because it is very unlikely, that the men and the younger ladies have anything in common or that they share a common ground in every day life. The day after a one night stand with a sexy girl goes on as if nothing ever happened. As if the sexy date with a younger woman never took place.

However, dates with hot and young girls and flight attendants are not only popular for travelers. Especially men over 40 are often interested in dating younger women, they meet sexy girls on the internet, on single parties or elsewhere.

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