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Tips for mature men on how to spend time with younger women

Romantic affairs between mature men and younger ladies sooner or later evoke the question of how to spend the time outside the bedroom together. A relationship with a big age gap can lead to the problem that the interests of the man and the young and sexy lady drift apart. In cases where there is an age difference of 15 years or more, there is also the gap of a whole generation between the beautiful young woman and her older partner.

In general, the initial phase of dating a younger woman works without complications and without major plans and thought about what to do or what to say to her. There is a certain magic to dates with young and beautiful women as long as the mature man stays in tune with the vibes of the romantic affair both dating partners are happy. At first, the sexy young woman and her prince charming meet in public places like restaurants, bars or on social events. That means that there are always enough impulses from the outside to get distracted by and to talk about. When first dating attractive young women, men make a big effort winning her interest and seducing her. They choose their best dresses, are attentive and charming, funny and do their best to be a good listener and to think about what to talk about with younger women.

As soon as men are starting a longer lasting affair with sexy girls, or a serious relationship with a beautiful young woman, the sexual adventure and erotic vibes that were there at the start can soon be replaced by habit and a lack of excitement. Every day life does take it toll. The affair partners start to meet up at home instead of public places and social activities are getting less and less.

That is the time, when an affair with age difference begins to show it’s darker sides and that is a major difference in hobbies, interests and objectives in life. Maybe, the sexy young women want to date with friends, go clubbing and dancing the night away, or she has a passion for extensive shopping tours, or she has a different kind of life structure because she is still a student. Don’t forget, younger women are full of energy, power and sexy and young. They want to meet single women they can go out with and other friends who share they lifestyle.

A mature men of 50 plus might not necessarily share this kind of lifestyle and finds other things in life important. Unlike his sexy young girlfriend, he might feel the urge to relax and live peacefully. Differences like that don’t have to, but can, result in arguments, fights, and other conflicts. Both the younger woman as well as the mature gentleman have to make an effort to keep the relationship exciting and satisfying for each other.

To keep younger girlfriends happy there is a simple trick: No matter what it was, never stop what you did when you first dated her!

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