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Tips For Dating A Millionaire

It’s done! You finally met a wealthy man, he’s mature, he’s intelligent, he’s handsome …and you don’t want to blow it. Men with money are very different from average earners, but if you follow the key rules to dating rich men, nothing can go wrong:

Advice no. 1: Take a good look in the mirror! Your outer appearance is essential. You are dating a millionaire so please dress accordingly and that is with style and class. Don’t buy a so-so black dress for 40 Dollars and expect him not to notice. He will probably take you to some upper class restaurant and you will end up wishing you’d spend a bit more than that. If you are unsure, ask a style consultant or a good friend. If you’re hair styling and makeup skills aren’t amazing, go visit a beauty saloon in advance.

Advice no. 2: Don’t give him the impression that you are only interested in his money (even if you are!). Instead, give him the impression that you are an independent young woman who knows exactly what she wants. Don’t let him think that he can conquer your heart with money and materialism.

Advice no. 3: Show interest in what he is telling you. Open your mind to his world but also make sure that you show him yours. Never be embarrassed of anything you experienced in your life. If you are aiming at establishing a long lasting and happy relationship, it is important that he loves you for all that you are.

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