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The Top 5 Female Mistakes in Online Dating

If you are a single lady and your online dating results are not what you were expecting, have a look at the following Top 5 mistakes women tend to make when flirting with men and ask yourself honestly if you might have made one or more. Think about them and once you manage to avoid them, the new knowledge will boost your dating chances.

Top-Mistake Nr. 1: No signals! Men are more dependent on a woman’s signals than vice versa, otherwise they will misinterpret them and give up flirting. That means, if you like him, show it to him and if you don’t like him, let him know without being unfair or bitchy. The more signals you send about what you actually think of him, the more your are likely to achieve what you want. Being secretive is sexy, but taking it too far will have him running off.

Top-Mistake Nr. 2: Expect him to do all the work! It is in women’s genes somehow to be the one who is courted by the man. This is a very antique condition which urgently needs changing in modern women’s heads. Ladies, be proactive, call him, write to him, let him know where he stands, tell him where and when you want to meet, what you want to do, and arrange some nice things for you to do together.

Top-Mistake Nr. 3: Being too dominant. Being proactive is good but not to be confused with dominance. Overly dominant women put men off very quickly. Men want equal partners and sometimes mother figures, but what they don’t need and want is a boss. So ladies, keep your temper low and let him be in charge, at least let him believe he is.

Top-Mistake Nr. 4: Being an open book. Telling something about yourself is nice and helpful if you really want to get to know someone. Being open minded and easy going is also a good thing but telling every single issue and occurrence of your past within the first 3 months is certainly not a good idea. It doesn’t leave any questions or secrets about you, which will make you look unattractive to your male dating partner. Give him the chance to work a little bit for the things he wants to know.

Top-Mistake Nr. 5: Being negative. Try to avoid complaining and talking about problems all the time. Focusing on negative things has an immediate effect on your outer appearance and aura and the more negative things cross your mind, the more negative things you are going to attract. Think about it, when you meet someone new you want to have a fresh and positive start, you want to embrace the world and experience all the beautiful things life has got to offer, ideally together with your new partner. Now imagine he is Mr. Grumpy Pants all the time, what would you think? Cheer up and keep your problems away from your new dating partner.

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