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The Top 5 Male Mistakes in Online Dating

Online dating can be a mysterious pond to go fishing in. Other than in a face to face meeting, men are unable to see the reactions of a woman, so if he is unsuccessful with his online dating techniques he might not necessarily know why that is the case. We asked some girls and here are the Top 5 Mistakes that men make when dating online:

Top-Mistake Nr. 1: Copying texts and ideas! It is not easy to stand out from the dating crowd on the internet but some guys seriously don’t even try! Avoid copying texts from other men’s profiles or using old fashioned pick-up-lines that no woman wants to hear anymore. Women are tired of receiving hundreds of messages containing the same old “Are you new here?” or “Hey, you look like you want to get to know me”-nonsense. Be creative, be yourself. Fair enough, the first contact is always the hardest, but give her the feeling that you care about who you meet.

Top-Mistake Nr. 2: Boring profiles! Same here: More creativity please! Don’t be one in a million, stand out without overdoing it. Choose a nice picture of you, avoid pics of you with other girls, drunk or unnaturally smart. Write down your expectations and some information about who you really are. If you don’t like giving out too many personal details about yourself, think of something funny or innovative like a quote from your favorite book or film.

Top-Mistake Nr. 3: Having too many irons in the fire! Try to avoid chaos by concentrating on one woman at a time. No matter how hard you try, women notice when they are not the only one you are flirting with. A common mistakes that happens when dating more than one person is that you start repeating yourself or that you go like: “Yes, I already told you, don’t you remember?” and she will correctly discover: “That must have been your other girlfriend”!

Top-Mistake Nr. 4: Cheating and lying! Don’t go online to flirt or find a date when you are in a relationship or married, unless you say that loud and clear from the very beginning so that every woman who gets involved with you knows where she stands. Starting a flirt or an affair without telling her that you are taken, no matter how broken your relationship is, will sooner or later lead to hurt feelings and a break up, in the worst case with both women!

Top-Mistake Nr. 5: Push it too fast! Take it slow and easy. Don’t give her too many presents and compliments and don’t push her towards an affair or relationship too heavily. Of course, women want to be the only one in your life and they want you to lay the world at their feet but at the same time they want to be hunted. They find it extremely unattractive and boring if a guy does everything for them right away. Be a gentleman but stay interesting!

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