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The Best Cities In The US To Date Successful Men - Dating Advice For Single Ladies

Single successful men aged 50 plus are highly attractive to single ladies in the US. These ladies want to meet businessmen or date academics because they are cultured and well-educated. And not least, women prefer to date wealthy men. This article is about the 10 cities in the US where the most upper-class gentlemen live and work and where the chances are highest for beautiful women under 30 to meet and date a successful man. The following cities are the most expensive cities in the United States so if wealthy single men are to be found and dated anywhere, then there. After all, an intellectual man must have a very high level of income to afford a life at the highest stage in one of these hot spots.

After finishing their studies, many literate men move to New York to start their careers as businessmen. The average nightly room rate in New York of about 200 US dollars makes this city the most expensive in the United States and a perfect spot for upper-class dating as beautiful girls under 30 will find it easy to date generous men here. New York is full of ambitious single men and cultured gentlemen who are interested in dating with girls.

Next on the list of the sophisticated places is Honolulu. Male upper-class singles who want to book a hotel room for them and their female date in Hawaii’s capital have to pay at least 160 US dollars per night. No problem for generous men.

Boston, one of the oldest cities in the US, is a favorite place for well-educated men and classy US singles. The city offers many events and locations for cultured men and women and fancy spots for romantic intellectual dating. If a single lady is lucky enough to find a wealthy man in Boston to spend the night with, a hotel would cost him a minimum of 155 US dollars a night.

Other cities that join the hall of fame of the most expensive cities in America are Santa Barbara, Washington D.C., Miami, Chicago, Idaho Falls, New Orleans and last but not least Monterey where a night in average hotels costs between 150 and 130 US dollars.

All these places feature great offers for single girls to meet successful men. Academics and refined single gentlemen move to one of these cities to live their lives at the highest stage. Girls who are too far away from all these cities, might find educated men for dating via one of today’s sophisticated online dating services.

Here comes a good piece of dating advice for all the single ladies who visit the cities mentioned above: Keep your eyes open for Mr. Right and if you are lucky enough to find a wealthy man for dating, maintain eye contact, keep a confident posture and be interested in him and his life. This will be the first step towards a relationship with an educated gentleman or even towards marriage dating.
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