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Date a rich, older man (also known as a sugar daddy)

Looking to date a rich, older man ? Here you can find some advice on this special topic:

If you are looking to date a sugar daddy or are already dating one, then it can sometimes be hard to know who to turn to for advice. Sugar daddies (sugar daddy means rich, older wealthy men) have a lot to offer in a relationship, and contrary to popular belief, they are not all just looking for someone young and pretty, who will hang from their arms at important events.

Firstly, whether your first contact with a potential sugar daddy is online or offline, be sure to be honest from the start. It can be tempting to embellish your achievements or lie about certain aspects of your life, but ask yourself how long the relationship will last once he finds out.

Be realistic with your expectations from the start. Many sugar daddies will have a history of dating younger women, and will have expectations of their role as a sugar daddy, and of yours as a sugar baby. These relationships are not always conventional and do not always work in the long term, so have this in mind. You will also find that you will no doubt be treated in a particular way: you will have nice things bought for you, you will be taken out for expensive meals and cocktail drinks, and you will be spending your time with his rich friends. If you are not prepared for this kind of lifestyle, it may not be the right decision for you.

While dating a sugardaddy may not be the most conventional relationship, you can be sure of one thing: he will be likely to be far more self-assured and stable than most men. He will know what he wants from life, and he will have the means to achieve it. And he will also likely be supportive of your goals too: either emotionally, financially or both. Your sugar daddy will want to make you happy (as well as wanting you to make him happy of course !) and so he will be more than open to help you to achieve your goals whenever he can.

You will not have any issues in terms of being yourself, but you will also need to bear in mind that you will be his safe haven at the end of a busy day or week: the person who removes the stress and calms him down. Stay happy and positive in his presence and be entertaining.

Once you have landed your first sugardaddy, the best thing to remember is that it will not be like any other relationship you have experienced. Some of these relationships will blossom into love and a future (maybe also a marriage), while some are more about companionship: mutually beneficial arrangements, where he enjoys the company of a young woman and she enjoys the financial rewards.

When you are in such a relationship, live in the moment rather than planning ahead: while you could have a future together, just enjoy your time together as it comes.

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