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Where to go on your first date - Think outside the box

When we think of classic dates, we think of candlelight dinners at the Indian place round the corner. But a date does not always have to take place in a bar, restaurant or a café. In fact, it is not even necessarily recommendable to go to a restaurant on the first date. Enjoying a restaurant meal might take a lot of time, so what if the conversation doesn’t flow or if one of the daters does not feel comfortable in the presence of the other? If the restaurant is too fancy, the atmosphere is not suitable to let go and be you. Most of all, no one can expect romantic action after a 3-course meal, where all you might want is take a little walk and go to bed.

For the potential case, that the chemicals don’t spark as expected, it is much more recommendable to meet in a place where both can easily escape if needs be and where the surroundings offer enough inputs for conversations and distractions in case the two potential lovebirds get stuck.

As long as the weather is suitable, the date could take place outdoors. A long walk through the zoo, the park or along the beach offer many impressions to talk and laugh about. Great Britain offers plenty of great urban and rural places to enjoy a great variety of outdoor fun as well as an amazing coastline for romantic hours. If you live close to the sea, consider grabbing a picnic rug and a bottle of wine and invite him or her to go on a walk with you to watch the sunset. Maybe you prefer to do that a little later on, in that case you can just arrange a short boat or city trip first.

If the weather is not right, stroll through interesting art galleries, museums or exhibitions. Check with local websites for events to find the right thing that suits your taste. Some large cities have huge aquariums with colourful fish and other underwater life to marvel at and talk about.

The best thing, however, is to combine indoor and outdoor action and to keep the date as diversified as possible. A great idea is for example a walk, followed by a quick bite to eat somewhere lively and positive, followed by another walk and then conclude the evening with a visit of a nice bar, gallery or the cinema. See how it goes and debate about what you both like. Changing locations with a lot happening around you has the great advantage that you constantly find something to talk about that is not necessarily you. That way, you have a chance to get to know the other person like they really are instead of sitting together in a rigid atmosphere where both try to sell their qualities as good as they can. A versatile date will bring to light all the good and bad habits of another person much quicker and can be a warrant (or warning) for a follow-up date.
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