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When Seeking a Mature Man Online Be Sure You Know Yourself Well

Interview you and get to know yourself before you date someone online. It is essential to have some idea how a future partner is going to fit into your world. If your life is one big mess of worry, anger, and disappointments, it would make sense to get things in order before pursuing a love interest. The best relationships thrive because two people are in love, not just in like or lust, they put priorities above everything else. The couple had cleared away distractions prior to meeting one another, so that they could focus on building a relationship together. But what tends to happen is people seek out there special someone than attempt to fix their broken lives while attempting to build an online connection. How much attention are you really giving your new online romance?

Most mature men will make the time to date young women because they know what they want and usually how to go about getting their needs met. A young woman who is unsure, an open book, or just going along for the ride, is subjected to whatever the mature man puts in front of her. She permits him to control her world, because she isn’t sure of who she is much less what she wants out of a relationship and may not have a plan for her future. A mature man can pick up on a young date who is nothing more than a blank canvas that he can paint on and one day complete his final masterpiece. Like an artist, he may be proud of his work and want to keep it for himself, give it away while wishing he hadn’t, or hate it and pray he never sees it again. But an intelligent, mature young lady is not going to want anyone to outline her life, maybe add to it, but not build it from start to finish especially one who doesn’t know her well. This is why she must know thyself!

Who are you really?
There is the person you are when you work, another person who shows up when you are around family and friends, but who might you be when typing emails to your gentleman suitor, talking to him on the phone, or seated next to him at a theater? Are you really the person in the photograph or was that one of a few moments caught on film when you were feeling your best? A mature man wants to see you looking your best as much as he can. One of the cons about dating online is that when you post photo after photo of you looking gorgeous, he expects you to look that way every time he sees you until he is comfortable with seeing you in different ways. So if you wore makeup and dressed professional, sexy or casual in all your photos, look that way when he sees you.

Do you have your own money?
The mature man has already heard from many that young women need money, so that might not be a problem for him. But he is going to expect an independent woman to take care of herself. He isn’t planning on taking care of you if he doesn’t have to. Sure, he might help with a bill or two and he might even finance a vacation for two, but don’t expect him to give you money and gifts every time he sees you.

Where do you like to go?
You might have a daily routine that isn’t so interesting. You don’t have to stick with it. You have a new person in your life, so start doing the things you always said you wanted to do. Make plans and stick to them even if he cancels. From visiting a new coffee house to taking a tour of a city, create a list of things you would like to do with your partner. But whatever you do, don’t rob yourself of great times by rushing to get behind closed doors with him. There is a good possibility that once you are in his home or he is in yours, that is where the two of you will spend most of your time.

What do you like to do besides work?
Most people have a job that is uninteresting and honestly boring. So you might share a few things you like about your job, but think of those things that you do that keep you waking up each day. From walks in the park to a favorite show on television, you have more to you than work.

What are your future plans?
A broad question that might keep you on the phone with your online date for hours, but what is it that you hope to do in the short and the long term? Do you plan to relocate, how soon? What have you been doing to work toward completing goals? Is marriage and children in your future and when do you anticipate adding these significant achievements to your life?

A young woman who has a good understanding of herself will be a joy to talk to, but she must also be open to listening to what her date says while paying close attention to any compatibility issues. When you know who you are, someone can’t come into your life and give you a title and a definition of what you will be to them. You are not a character in anyone’s play, you are a producer, so create your own script and if your online date wants to contribute, so be it and if you would want to make a guest appearance or regularly be seen in his world then let him know you are in!

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