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What to Expect When Dating a Manipulative Rich Older Man

He has a lot of wealth, knows many people, and is often doing something that makes a young woman say, “Wow, that is impressive. Tell me more.” But many rich men don’t obtain things like fame, power, and wealth by playing fair, treating everyone kindly, and acting saintly. For the young naive woman, she has much to learn when dealing with a rich, deceitful man who can buy friends and make the troubles from yesterday simply disappear.

Rich manipulators know how to set traps for just about anyone who they want to be in their inner circle for a time. Notice, it is the rich, mean-spirited individual that is being mentioned in this article, not the rich guy who simply wants to date someone and live happily ever after. So what are the trappings that a wealthy player type might use on an unwise young woman and how might she avoid these traps?

A rich, powerful man might insist on wanting you to himself even if you are not interested in him or have repeatedly rejected him. He will want to be alone with you.

The persistent older man may say the kind of words that might make a young woman walk right out of her panties. But don’t be misled by chivalry and nice speech, pay attention to the way he behaves when you say, “Well, I can’t come over right now. I think I rather take things slow. How about we meet at a restaurant rather than your place? I don‘t think we have much in common and would like for you to leave me alone.” If he insists on wanting to date you even when you aren‘t interested, know that he is looking for any opportunity to get you to do what he wants when he wants. Some men are attracted to a fight and will not back off until they win. Women who are easily controlled by the promises of money, fame or living a certain lifestyle will play into the manipulated rich man’s game. She can avoid his pressure trap simply by ignoring him, making herself unavailable every time he calls her, avoid being alone with him, keeping private information to herself, changing up her routines, and contacting authorities that he can‘t buy off.

He will offer tips, alternatives, freebies, and anything that will supposedly improve your way of life. However, he is doing nothing more than getting you to live his vision/life.

If he pictured a woman that looks and acts like you walking beside him and you don’t quite meet up to all but a few of the attributes of his ideal partner, then the rich, controlling man will find a way to get you to be her. From suggesting you color or cut your hair to losing weight, wearing a certain color, or talking a way that he likes. Women who don’t know any better will do what this manipulative man asks. However, one day some will awake to find that the person looking back at them in the mirror isn’t who they thought they wanted to be.

The sneaky, rich man will use flattery often to weaken your defenses and distract you from suspecting that he is up to no good.

A man who is use to deceiving others into getting them to hand over the things that he wants will use various tactics to get the ignorant, confused, intelligent, or powerless to succumb to his will. So when a young woman comes into his life and refuses to do what he wishes he may continue to use flattery to motivate her or find other ways that aren’t so nice to get her to except his advances.

Rich players will lie about things like having a wife, children, criminal history, illegal connections, etc. so as to appear like they are a good catch--right for you. As long as a young woman gives a controlling man what he wants, he is the perfect gentleman but the day she starts to question him, offer an unflattering comment, or say or do anything that rubs him the wrong way, he may belittle her or worse physically abuse her.

Deceitful men will perform kind acts to impress family, friends, and co-workers.

From sending flowers to helping a relative in a crisis, the manipulative man knows how to win people over in an effort to build trust with them. Once he has a young woman’s inner circle wrapped around his finger, he can use her relatives and friends to encourage her to date him, marry and have children with him if he so desires.

When dealing with any rich man whether a manipulator or not, a young woman must have people around her who aren’t easily swayed by his charm and wealth. She must seek wisdom when it comes to dating men and trust her gut instinct when things look and feel wrong. No matter how much wealth one has, it should never be used to intimidate, threaten, belittle, abuse or do other negative things to others to get them to do what you want.

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