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What makes a true Gentleman?

All right, all right, times have moved on and stereotypes have changed. However, when it comes to dates and relationships, there is not a single lady out there who would say No to a true and real gentleman. Surely nowadays a gentleman does not have to play the guitar beneath a woman’s balcony with a rose in his mouth to win her heart. However, there are indeed some old-fashioned key qualities that keep on being sought after by many women, weather they admit it or not.

In our modern times, what are the qualities that make a real gentleman? First off: The answer to this question is not money! Financial wealth is a good basic condition but absolutely no warrant for becoming a gentleman. Wealth does not say anything about someone’s personality. It takes much more than money to be a true gentleman. The most important things are a man’s inner attitude towards life, an excellent taste and the talent to make the best of the available means.

Which leads us straight to the first important quality: An excellent taste. Money cannot buy a good taste, you got it or you don’t. We recognise a true gentleman by his sense of taste in any possible aspect: cloths, furniture, haircut, accessories, car, favourite food, bars, activities, friends and the list goes on.

The second quality is his inner attitude. That implies how he sees himself and the world, what he thinks of life and friendship as well as his values and objectives. A true gentleman learned how to treat himself and his fellow beings with respect and kindness. He has a kind heart and impresses with key characteristics like fairness, politeness, charm and modesty. Furthermore, family is about the most important corner stone of his life. He believes in true love and trust and is too proud to harm or hurt his beloved wife and kids.

Third comes his talent to make the best of the means available to him. That means regardless his financial and educational background he works hard to lead an honourable life filled with the things he loves and stands behind. In everything he does, he would not rely on other people’s opinions or common believes. He shines with his own common sense and stands behind the decisions he makes – every day, all day, no matter what. Next important feature for a real gentleman is the way he dresses. Again, a great sense for the appropriate look has nothing to do with money. Great styles don’t have to be ridiculously expensive. A gentleman knows how to dress, no matter how much he has in his bank account. He doesn’t follow the fashionable mainstream and always stays true to his own style. Moreover, he will always age with dignity: Grey hair? The gentleman doesn’t care, he follows the rules of nature and won’t ever dye his hair.

And last but not least, a gentleman will always treat a woman with respect and do his best to lay the world down to her feet.
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