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The Perfect Look for Her Date

Every woman knows how it feels to stare into her wardrobe, desperately wondering what to wear for her date with that gorgeous looking guy. Its actually not that hard to choose the perfect look for dating. You just have to be aware of two things: Which of your outfits are both stylish and comfy and where will you meet him?

He is treating you for a dinner in a fine restaurant.
This one is a slight challenge but if you stick to some basic rules, you will look amazing without feeling uncomfortable. Choose a black dress that leaves enough space round the tummy. You don’t want to feel like your dress is bursting after the main course, do you? The perfect black dress is elegant, chic, and comfortable at the same time. Combine it with silver accessories and a black hand bag. Wear it with black shoes you feel comfortable walking in. It does not do you any good to choose those sexy high heels if you can’t walk in them. If you expect to walk from bar to bar after dinner, consider some elegant black flats. If you don’t have a suitable dress, wear something else that fulfils the above-mentioned criteria. Whatever you do, don’t wear tight jeans and tops, which will literally leave you breathless and uncomfortable after eating.

You meet him in a stylish bar.
If you don’t know the bar, check it out on the internet to learn what kind of clientele goes there. You will probably sit on a bar chair or sofa for some time, so make sure you wear something not too tight around your stomach. Choose a top that highlights your cleavage and combine it with a necklace, a bracelet and long earrings. In summer, go for lively colours like apricot, turquoise or light blue, in winter, opt for darker colours like blue or red. You might want to wear shoes you feel comfortable walking in, in case you are going on a walk with him later on.

You agreed to go to the cinema or do something relaxed during the day.
Wear your favourite cloths you love yourself in. A skinny jeans is always a great choice. Combine it with flats or stylish sneakers, a casual sweater or T-Shirt and a matching casual handbag. It might get colder later on, so pack a leather or jeans jacket, which both are a perfect highlight for every relaxed look.

He is taking you on a nice outdoor walk.
Depending on the time of the year and weather, dress accordingly. Looking great is essential, but try to avoid choosing inappropriate cloths for the sake of style or beauty. For example, keep your hands of high heels, imagine how you will look stumbling along that wood path – not a good idea. Also, keep your make-up simple and discreet. Don’t overdo it and remember that you are going to be in the outdoors. Choose, if at all, a subtle make-up with natural colours. If you don’t like yourself in that baggy raincoat, pack an umbrella that fits in your handbag.
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