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The Fine Line Between a Gentleman and a Wimp

Finally, we overcame the widely held assumption that women are always attracted to assholes. By now, every man should have noticed that no woman on this planet is keen on having a boyfriend who: breaks other people’s noses in front of the local pub, gives a damn about education and proper jobs, talks rude to his mother, treats her badly and cheats on her with one of her friends. Thanks, but No thanks!

Ok, but rumour has it, that women don’t want a wimp either. All this back and forth leaves the men of our generation a little confused. What do women actually want then? Ask the ladies and they will answer: We want real gentlemen! Great, sorted. But wait a minute, what defines a real gentleman, thinks the confused man by himself. I tried doing what she wants, saying what she wants to hear, being kind, understanding and emotionally sensitive, and all that, but she got bored and called me a wimp. I really got no clue what women expect me to be.

No worries men, we know women can be confusing at times but here is a small guide to make it easier for you to understand the essential difference between a gentleman and a wimp.

What gentlemen and wimps both do. Both, wimps and gentlemen love their women with all their heart and give their best to treat her like a princess. Both care a lot about her emotions, make an effort listening to her needs and worries and trying to support her in any possible way.

What wimps do that gentlemen don’t. Wimps have a good heart but they are cowards. They are afraid of having and expressing their own opinion and instead adapt their girlfriend’s opinion to satisfy her. Wimps don’t say what they really think but what they think the woman wants to hear, again only with the best intentions. A wimp does not stand his ground, he has no self-confidence and always does what he is told. Problem: As hard as he is trying, the woman will notice that he is not thinking for himself and that he would do or say anything to please her. That is not what women want. Women need to be challenged, supported, counselled and led (although they would probably not confess the latter).

What gentlemen do that wimps don’t. A true gentleman has a good heart and a strong independent opinion. He thinks for himself and would never agree to something the woman said, if he does not stand 100 percent behind it. A gentleman is attractive to women because he exudes a lot of confidence and ambition. He gives his girl the feeling of being safe, supported, understood, and accompanied rather than better of on her own, parroted, and followed. A gentleman admires his girlfriend just like a wimp but in a more respectful and generous way rather than being submissive. A gentleman makes decisions for the woman, so instead of saying “We go wherever you want to go tonight my darling?” he would say: “Go and put on that sexy green dress my darling, I am taking you out to that new bar tonight.” Try it, it will work wonders.
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