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The Ideal Gentleman: How Do You Know He’s Right for You?

7 Signs He is a Keeper
You desire a mature gentleman who is going to listen and respect you. You are tired of dating men who could care less about who you are. There just might be a nice man in your circle now, but can you truly see that diamond in the rough? The ideal gentleman is going to make an effort to learn more about you, meet your needs, and be that good friend you have always wished for, but when one’s mind is lost in the confusion of mind games, good looks, and “what can I get from him,” you just might miss that blessing in disguise.

In order to find out if your mature friend is right for you, pay close attention to things like: his conversation, the way he makes you feel, his actions, the things he likes to do, and the things he objects to and in time, you will know if he is a keeper.

1. He is a great friend.
Remember that time when you were sick and he actually called and wanted to know was there anything he could do for you?

2. He “gets you” unlike others you have dated.
When other dates argued, ridiculed, or gave you the silent treatment when you shared a funny story or talked about something you were quite passionate about, he smiled, nodded, and added something useful to the conversation.

3. He respects your preferences/ideas/customs.
As tempting as it could have been for him to say something that could really hurt your feelings, he refrains. Instead, he acts interested and shows a willingness to learn more.

4. He desires a future with you.
He didn’t sugarcoat his feelings, he put it out there just how much he loves you and believes that you are the one that completes him. Okay, maybe he didn’t say it quite like that, but you know that he definitely thinks you are his One.

5. He is patient, kind and considerate.
Think of moments that he could have acted impatiently and rudely, but he didn’t. When a person genuinely shows that he cares, you just can’t help but like him and will want to be around him more because he is one of a kind.

6. You have no worries about leaving him with family / friends / pets / children.
With so much negativity happening in our world, it is often very hard to find someone you can trust. So when you have a sense of peace when it comes to that certain someone being left at your home and with those you love, you just might have found a winner.

7. He has no secrets, doesn’t lie to you.
When others would have covered up their past, made up a long story, or digressed when you were seeking truth, he was honest, and didn’t spare your feelings. Although it might hurt to know who, what, when, where, why, and how, at least the one who claims to deeply care about you was forthcoming.

Sometimes young women overlook the good guys, because they are still grieving over the bad ones. Wake your mind, body and spirit up, recognize a good guy when he calls. Say goodbye to the past and hello to the future.

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