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The hottest Summer Fashion Trends for Her

Finally, the sun has come out and its time to show some colour and skin. Here are the Top 6 fashion ladies’ trends for this summer season.

Statement Stripes
Oversized stripes are the fashion trend of this year and are seen everywhere. No matter if you wear a dress, a blouse, a t-shirt, a skirt or a dress, statement stripes are seen everywhere and definitely make a statement. The most popular colour combinations are black and white, blue and white and red and white, see what matches your type the most.

Cool colours, simple lines, and white white white! Minimalism is the new understated way to turn heads. Flowing and delicate materials like linen and cotton are perfect for hot summer days and you will always look fresh and majestic. Combine the minimalist look with a few golden accessories and a subtle make-up. This style goes perfect with curvy or straight hair.

This style is dominating the top catwalks all over the world. Bold colour mixes, graphic prints, slogan shirts, colour clashing….anything goes with this new summer trend. Wear it sporty with sneakers, jumpers with prints, baggy shorts and bed head hair. Wear it elegant with a colourful summer dress and chic high heels in colours like turquoise and yellow.

Mint green
Mint green is the most worn colour of this season. Shoes, bags, nail polish, trousers, blouses, jackets, jumpers, shirts and skirts – there is no piece you could wear that wouldn’t look great in mint green. The secret is to only wear one main fashion piece in mint green and chose one other colour for the rest of your look. Mint green looks awesome when combined with black or white and silver accessories.

These gorgeous summer pieces are never out of fashion. Feeling hot, fancying something comfy? Open the wardrobe chose a summer dress, throw it on and look great! What could be easier than a nice dress to create the perfect summer look? Every woman should own 3 dresses: One casual one to wear during the day, on grill parties or for shopping; one slightly businessy one to wear in the office, at meetings or on nana’s birthday party; and one really elegant one to wear in the evening to impress when going out – ideally black and short. Combine your dresses however you like. Highlight them with matching shoes, statement accessories and colourful maxi bags. Its your choice whether you want them long, short, tight, baggy, pink, white…you see? There is not fashion piece as diverse yet sexy as a dress.

There is no such thing as a wrong choice with a monochrome look. Combine black and white with whatever and how many pieces you like, and you are sure to look amazing. This style is so versatile, you can choose whether you want to look sexy and hot, elegant, unassuming, classy, casual or upper class.

And the best thing about all the above mentioned catwalk styles is, you can easily copy them with reasonably priced fashion hauls from high street chains like Topshop, Bershka or H&M.
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