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Romantic Poets and Poems that Arouse Love

Sometimes our own words simply aren’t enough to describe the way we feel when in the presence of a handsome or beautiful date that makes our hearts sing! One just might get lucky in finding the perfect prose to communicate what the soul craves. The couple might wish to have a relationship of love, peace, prosperity, and comfort--kind words shared between the two is a good start! Who wouldn’t want to begin a relationship cultivating its foundation in ways that just might help it go the distance?

The great poets of yesteryear created work that stirred imaginations and moved many men and women, destined to be successful, to change their way of thinking, thereby causing them to want to build better lives for selves and others. If we picture what we believe love to be and apply what we have discovered to our daily living, we will attract the kind of people we so desire.

What is it that you love about yourself and someone else? How do your views impact your relationship positively or negatively? What could you do better that would ensure you love and receive love in the way you envision it?

When thinking of ways to express how you feel about a loved one, keep in mind, there are wonderful creative works that can be given to a sweetheart in a variety of forms. Use the poems in cards; imprint them on keepsakes, share books, or select items inspired from a written work as a reminder of how much you love someone. There are different types of poems, four are listed below. Click on each to learn more about them and read samples to experience the remarkable poets’ writing styles. The poetry might encourage you to create your own work or recite it to your special someone.

Rhyme – these poems typically have words that rhyme line by line or every other line. Sometimes the words are systematically placed in ways that sound as if the poem is meant to be sung.

Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe
Limerick- when reading these poems one also hears rhyming, but an entertaining story brings the words to life. The limerick is typically humorous making the listener laugh hysterically. According to Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia, “The first two lines rhyme with the last line and the third and fourth line rhyme, and they are usually shorter.”

A Young Lady of Lynn by Anonymous
Sonnet – this form is quite popular and also is used sometimes in writing songs. The rhymes are arranged in a pattern. They are typically beautifully written, detailed, and moves the reader to cry whether happy or sad tears depending on the subject matter. Learn more here.

Take all my loves, my love, yea, take them all by William Shakespeare

Epic – these poems are long, serious and involve a hero. One might find his or herself painting a visual picture using someone or something to symbolically represent what the heart feels about the world, the love interest or something else.

Hiawatha's Departure from The Song of Hiawatha by the famous poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Love poems worth mentioning:
Love Me Little, Love Me Long by Anonymous
Night of Love by Paul Laurence Dunbar
If You Forget Me by Pablo Neruda
I am Not Yours by Sara Teasdale

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