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Mature Gentleman and Young Woman Tips on Romantic Movies

One of the most popular things that couples enjoy doing together is eating and watching movies. A young woman dating an older man may have her favorite picks of movies to watch that are fairly recent while her partner may like movies that are decades older than she.
A way to solve the problem of the generation gap in movie selections is to find any movie that has a theme that connects somewhat to your current experience dating one another. If the mature gentleman is the talkative and playful type then a movie similar to his personality he might enjoy. If the young woman is a deep thinker and enjoys romance films then she would most likely want to watch something that isn’t very silly. Whatever the preference is in movies, it is always good for the couple to find a movie that has a balance of fun, romance, and adventure. If the film isn’t all that great from start to finish, chances are there will be scenes that both will like.
Couples will want to make the most of their time together so with a watchful eye on time, they might pick more than one movie, typically not very long, before retiring into the arms of one another for the night. The movie pick shouldn’t be too serious or controversial, especially when the relationship is still new. The last thing that neither partner will want to do is encourage any unnecessary debating, discomfort or angry feelings between one another.

When first dating someone, movies that are better left alone are those that tell stories of the following: infidelity, couples physically fighting, a bad relationship between child and parents, a married couple headed for divorce, close friends betraying one another, a pregnant single mother, a partner trying to escape a miserable relationship, or a playboy or playgirl juggling multiple partners. If you don’t know a lot about someone you are dating, it would be best to stay away from movies that tell depressing stories of broken relationships. One who has been negatively impacted in the past by a loved one or who could be going through some recent family drama need not be reminded of the hurt through a movie during a time when he or she desires to be happy with someone new.

Sometimes movies can be a great tool to communicate one’s past, but be sure that you are providing disclaimers with certain scenes so as not to turn your date completely off.
For instance, if you can identify with a character with a bad habit in a film, be sure you mention the good about the character, but disassociate yourself from his negative ways by saying so, “Now that scene is definitely not me!”
For your convenience the following movies have been selected for two reasons: many have serious themes, yet laughable moments and others are just plain fun to watch! These movies will definitely stimulate fun conversation and who knows what else? Good times bring on good pleasure! Enjoy!

1. A Beautiful Mind
2. Airplane!
3. Aladdin
4. American Beauty
5. American Pie
6. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
7. Annie Hall
8. Beauty and the Beast
9. Big
10. Bram Stoker's Dracula
11. Casablanca
12. Clueless
13. Coming to America
14. Dirty Dancing
15. Edward Scissorhands
16. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
17. Fast Times at Ridgemont High
18. Forrest Gump
19. Gone with the Wind
20. Good Will Hunting

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