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London’s most wanted fashion shopping destinations

There is plenty on offer in the British capital. Whatever it’s visitors require, to find it, its only a matter of where to look. This, how could it be different, also applies for shopping. With almost 31,000 shops, boutiques and stores, London is one of Europe’s number one shopping destinations and the place where future trends are born. Depending on what styles you are looking for, there’s a place to shop for every fashion lover.

Only the most exclusive fashion is just good enough for you? Then you should head to Old Bond Street and New Bond Street, Mayfair or Westfield London. Here you will find any designer label and luxury fashion store your heart could possibly desire. Among all the high-end boutiques are also plenty of exclusive galleries for discerning art lovers.

Not keen on spending a fortune on your new pair of trendy jeans? Stroll along Regent Street, Jermyn Street and Oxford Street, home to all well-known high street chains and megastores. And in case all the hustle and bustle gets a bit too much for your taste, discover the side streets with quaint restaurants and bars for a welcome shopping break.

You are the alternative kind of shopper and don’t really care much about labels and brands? One of the destinations you are possibly going to enjoy is Covent Garden. A fantastic place to stroll around and browse unique finds, rare handcrafted items and hip clothes. The arcades of the piazza of this famous London quarter were once home to a farmers market, today it is filled with specialised shops, cafés, bars and stalls that sell beautiful arts and crafts. Here and there, you will come to enjoy the entertaining performances of street artists and musicians. With an array of side streets, stalls and shops, Covent Garden is the perfect place to spend a whole afternoon discovering quirky treasures.

Another great location for lovers of original and handmade fashion and jewellery is Camden Town with it’s spectacular Camden Lock Market. Thousands of people flock to Camden High Street with it’s vast number of hip stores, restaurants and market stalls. Take some time to browse the stalls from original underground designers and discover some fashion items that aren’t even en vogue yet, but certainly will be very soon! Stroll further along for more excellent cloths, arts and plenty of jewellery. In case you get hungry, the centre of Camden Lock Market is an island of culinary delights from all countries and continents. For a tranquil break the river and idyllic side streets offer peace and local insights away from the crowds.

For original British bespoke and tailor-made fashion items, head to Savile Row where long standing traditional tailors will care for your every need.

One place fashion lovers should not miss is, without a doubt, Notting Hill. Explore this authentic quarter and admire the beautiful architecture and original British flair. Shop, stroll and have an afternoon tea in one of the quaint cafes. Come to Portobello Road to visit the popular Notting Hill Market with it’s stalls offering great finds such as clothes, jewellery, second hand items, food and many more.
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