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How to End an Internet Romance

After spending some time with someone while on or off the Internet, you realize this person is not what you had in mind for a potential mate. There are far too many signs that tell you he or she is just not the one. How might you end the short-lived Internet romance?

1. Communicate concerns in writing.
You most likely met this person online, so the same way you introduced yourself into this person’s life is the same way you will want to exit it, through writing. The break up letter should not be long, but brief and straightforward while mentioning you don’t want to continue to date or communicate and that you both are free to move on with your lives. State how you personally feel about the relationship and why you feel it would be best to end it. You need not go into specific detail, but do keep in mind, the one feeling rejected might want to know more about why you feel the way that you do. If the conversation should get intense, politely end it as soon as possible (after hearing some of what the person has said) then proceed to live your single life.

2. Save all correspondence between you and online date for at least a year.
You never know what a person might do after a break up, so if he or she should cause problems for you, the email, text or handwritten correspondence will be proof as to why your former date is acting evilly. Keep copies of everything you write and what was said.

3. Ask that you are no longer contacted.
In your written communication and in your conversation over the phone and/or in-person you should reiterate the status of the discontinued relationship especially if this person should contact you unexpectedly. If you plan on no longer communicating then say so, as mentioned earlier, in the most respectful tone possible and move on! Don’t make the person feel as if there is a possibility you might change your mind and want to start dating again.

4. Remove profile of date from network and utilize any blocking tools.
The temptation to have sex with your date will be there as long as you view the photos/videos, listen to his or her voice, and read the person’s profile and other communication that drew you to him or her. Disconnect from this him or her so as to prevent stalking of social pages, online flirting, and other things that could cause further issues in the future. Check the site, your phone and other places for ways to block your former date.

5. Change phone number if necessary.
Sometimes blocking one’s number is not good enough. There may be phone numbers that might need to be changed. If so, it is best to do this rather than yell, threaten or say things you might later regret. You don’t know if your scorned partner has someone listening to your conversation or recording it.

A date may surprise you by contacting you at other social networking sites you didn’t know he or she had joined. Once again, ignore all communication from any site ie.) live chat, video, email, text--no matter how funny, shocking or rude the message. The key to reaching out to you is to win you back, so that things can go back to the way they use to be.
If your ex happens to be in the neighborhood, avoid welcoming him or her into your home particularly if alone. You may not know what this person’s state of mind might be in, so be cautious. If you should frequently see this person at your workplace or other public places you go, document the day and time and pay attention to patterns. Also, note his or her behavior and what was said. Share information with your local police and they will advise you on what to do. Tell your family and friends what you have noticed as well and remind them that you are no longer seeing this person and would like for your personal life to remain private.

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