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Many Women Want To Date Successful Men, But What Does It Mean To Be Successful?

A recently published survey revealed that British singles find it harder than all other European singles to flirt and have dates. The survey examined the flirting behaviour of singles in eight European countries and found out, that in comparison with the other seven nations, the British are much shyer and more reserved. Overall, they also had a more pessimistic outlook on life in general, meaning that 50 percent of all British singles are more likely to feel lonely and unhappy. As to the survey, every third single does not believe in finding a matching partner. More than half of the respondents admitted to be very shy in terms of approaching potential dating partners by reporting that they would generally prefer the other person to take the first step.

And it gets even worse. Half of the male respondents said that they consider themselves as not attractive enough to be successful with women. Dating might be hard and requires a lot of patience but self-doubt surely won’t help! Another interesting fact that this survey found out was that women in general are more tolerant when it comes to the outer appearance of their flirting partners. A third of all men said that they would not date overweight women. The women on the other hand would not mind physical flaws, only every tenth woman reported that she would refuse to date balding men.

The question is, can we really relate on these outcomes? Fact is that a survey like this would not encourage people to be very bold and daring. Brits are known to be very polite and proud and this often leads to undervaluing oneself. When asked directly, what chances one thinks he has on the dating market, Singles of all northern European countries were more likely to blush and answer in a rather modest way. Therefore, what respondents answered might not represent their true feelings about their attractiveness to the opposite (or same) sex.

Furthermore, singles that have been looking for a partner for what feels like a very long time are often more frustrated. And along with the frustration goes the believe, that chances to find someone dramatically decrease. That disappointing experience tempts singles to trust that they are not lucky with finding a match that, in the long term, makes them feel more unhappy and pessimistic about their partner search.

Interestingly enough, the survey also revealed that Spanish singles are quiet the opposite. They responded that they feel happy and that there are plenty of chances to meet someone new everyday. According to the survey, the Spanish are also much more open to one night stands and affairs than all other seven European countries that were questioned.

Maybe Spanish and British singles should mingle to make the perfect match of too much and too little courage. But that as it may, perhaps its our nature, maybe its the British whether, but in the end singles in all countries have the same possibilities and chances to find the perfect match – if they keep believing in it.
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