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Flirt with the Ladies of the World by decoding International Flirting Signals

Parlez-vous francais? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Comprende español? No? Well, nevermind. It is not important to speak another language to get involved in dating foreign girls. The only thing that matters is understanding what signals they are sending out. You might think all girls are the same, but you will be surprised how different their habits of flirting actually are.

Depending on our cultural background and the society, we grow up in our body language, humour, and cultural habits differ heavily from another. See here the most striking differences and keep them in mind for your next date with a beautiful foreign girl.

Flirting with a French girl.
French girls like it when a boy takes the first step. Go and talk to her instead of smiling or looking at her. In general, French ladies prefer to get conversations going, so don’t be afraid. Try to be as charming as you can and bear in mind, that the French are proud of their nationality. Respect their pride and avoid talking bad about French food, movies or music. Only speak kind words, if you can, try it in French. She will absolutely love you.

Flirting with German girls.
German girls might sometimes seem a little cold and rude. Don’t worry, if she likes you she will start smiling and that smile opens the door to your big chance. In general, don’t talk about German history when you don’t know the lady yet. The occurrences of World War II are a weak spot and many Germans are still ashamed of what happened although their generation has no responsibility for it. Only talk about the things you like and admire Germany for it’s positive qualities like the strength of German Chancellor Angela Merkel or the achievements of the German economy and industry. If all fails, just tell her what you like about her.

Flirting with Italian girls.
Dress well and exude self-confidence. These are the two magic weapons when flirting with Italian girls. Don’t be shocked when the girl takes the first step, Italians are much bolder than British and don’t mind approaching other people to have a nice chat or flirt. Italian girls have a very lively temper and a weak spot for drama. Try not to take everything too seriously, what looks like the end of the world today may vanish quicker than you think.

Flirting with a Polish girl.
Polish girls are very proud and traditional. They love all that cheesy stuff which in Britain might be considered as old-fashioned. Help her get into her coat, pull her chair before she sits down in a restaurant, hold the door for her and cover her head with your coat when its raining. Polish girls love strong and ambitious men as these are also their own main characteristics. They want a strong shoulder to lean on and a man who takes them by the hand. At the same time, you should give her the feeling that she is the one who sets the tone.
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