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Fashion and Dating – What to Wear, What to Avoid

Finding a suitable look for a date is not always easy, particularly girls find it hard to choose the right clothes. But also many men put a lot of effort into planning what style might impress the ladies the most. The most essential rule for this difficult issue is: Feel comfortable but look sexy! With that simple secret in mind the search for the appropriate dress certainly does not seem all too difficult any more.

However, when it comes to dress codes for dating there are clear Do’s and Don`ts. Especially on the first date, singles should choose clothes they really love and feel comfortable in. It does not make any sense to wear something that feels strange and unfamiliar, because no matter how great it might look, if it doesn't feel right, it will be visible in an insecure behaviour. Nobody wants to spend a whole evening pulling a far too short skirt down or adjusting a shirt that’s much too tight to breath comfortably after eating.

Nothing’s wrong with sexy looks, as long as they are comfortable to wear. Women should highlight their best features but chose pieces of their actual size. Too much skin is just as unadvisable as too little skin, the motto is: don’t hide but don’t sell yourself below value either. Ladies should also go easy on the makeup, too much is a turn-off for many boys. They want to see the actual girl they meet not a masquerade.

Clear fashion No-Go’s for dating women are tiny skirts, a plunging neckline, high heels over 3 inches and an excessive makeup. It is important to send the right signals, so if a woman is seriously interested in establishing something serious with that guy she’s dating, she should think about sending the right signals according to her intentions.

For gentlemen, this is all much easier. Nevertheless, they should think thoroughly about what to wear because they want to make the right first impression. It won’t help to wear an elegant evening suit if you never wore one before. The lady will notice that you are not comfortable. Although there is no need to overdo it in terms of elegance, the style and look should still be well groomed. A cultivated appearance is just as important as what he says, because if the lady notices that he doesn’t care too much about his looks she will conclude that he doesn’t care too much about impressing her either. For men the motto is: Don’t do too much but don’t do too little either. Find a middle-way and be yourself!

Total No-Go’s for gentlemen are old-fashioned cloths from over 10 years ago or too classy pieces like cufflinks, ties, shiny leather shoes or black suits. Women look for every single detail so men should make sure that they dress according to their usual habits and personality and, as well, to the meeting point. If the date takes place in a trendy bar there is no use for a bow tie.
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