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American Celebrities in Age Gap Relationships

When we think of a mature man and a younger woman dating, most don’t think about how big of an age difference the pair has until someone dare asks, “So how much older is your date than you?” Many age gap relationships have such a difference in years that one will mistake the couple as being a father, daughter relationship.
In Hollywood, it is not strange to see young women dating older men. What use to be a taboo, is now considered normal in many upper-class circles. Although some of the couples are no longer together, there history together is forever in Internet world. According to many media reports, celebrity couples who were together (and others who still are) with significant age gaps include:
Mary-Kate Olsen, best known for her role in a television miniseries entitled, Full House, she is 17 years younger than boyfriend Olivier, a former French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s half brother.
Beyoncé, soloist and former lead singer of musical group Destiny’s Child, was in her late teens when she started dating rapper Jay-Z, who is 12 years older.
Mariah Carey, well-known for her successful singing career, and Nick Cannon, actor/comedian have a 12 year age difference. Nick is younger than Carey.
Better known as an actor, Robert Redford married Sibylle Szaggars,she is 19 years younger, back in 2009 at a lavish hotel located in Hamburg, Germany called the Louis C. Jacob Hotel.
Actor and producer Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart, married in 2009. The actress is 23 years younger than Ford.
Michael Douglas, actor known for his role in Fatal Attraction, is 25 years older than the Welsh actress, Catherine Zeta-Jones.
There is a 23-year age gap between the Diehard actor, Bruce Willis, and his wife Emma.
Singer and songwriter Celine Dion married her former manager who is 26 years older than she. His name, René Angélil.

Singer, Marc Anthony, (former husband of Jennifer Lopez) and heiress Chloe Green have 22 years between them.
Actor, Director and Producer Nicolas Cage and his third wife, former waitress Alice Kim have 20 years between them.
Known for his role in Battlestar Galletica, Edward James Olmos ,and Lymari Nadal, film producer and scriptwriter have a 31 year age difference.
Barbara Hershey, actress, and Naveen Andrews, British actress, have 21 years between them.
There is a 21 age difference between Heaven Can Wait and Reds actor, screenwriter, and producer, Warren Beatty and Annette Benning, actress.
Marilyn Manson, musician, and Evan Rachel Wood, actress and singer, have a 19 year age gap.
There is a 15 year age difference between Kevin Kline, stage and film actor, and Phoebe Cates, actress, model and entrepreneur.
Former couple Tom Cruise, actor, and Katie Holmes, actress, had a 17 year age gap.
Demi Moore, Ghost actress, and Ashton Kutcher, actor, had 15 years separating them when they were together.
James Woods, film, stage and television actor, and Ashley Madison 39 year age difference.
Billy Joel, musician, and Katie Lee, had been married. There was 32 years between them.
Megan Fox, actress, and Brian Austin Green, actor, have a 13 year age gap.
Matthew McConaughey, actor, is 13 years older than his wife, model Camila Alves.
Former Gossip Girl star Blake Lively is 10 plus years younger than Ryan Reynolds.
Former Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock is 20 years younger than Prince Albert of Monaco.

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