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7 Tips to Help a Mature Man Date a Young Woman with Children - Part 2

Five. Find out how you might fit in her life and the children’s if things should get serious.
What is your role in her life? Whatever good deed you start doing while dating this woman and visiting the children, she will expect you to keep it up, so ration giving and be creative. Don’t put your best foot forward only to pull it back later as soon as the two of you have a minor disagreement. A wise young mother will notice that you are beginning to act strangely, it is then that she will most likely start thinking about ending the relationship for one reason or another. Like the single young woman, a mother is also looking for some security in a relationship with a stable-minded man. If she detects that you have hidden motives, tend to get angry easily, or is simply using her, she might become argumentative and eventually unavailable.

Your efforts or lack thereof to help build the family may make or break the relationship, so if you tell her things like, “I love you and the children…I would love to help you all out…You can count on me, just call anytime…” then back your words up with action, she will get the message that things are indeed getting serious. Also, think about this, if the young mother strongly desires a husband and a father for her children, most likely the day she first laid eyes on you she had already considered you a candidate. Could you see yourself being married again and possibly having additional children with her one day?

Six. When the opportunity arises, meet the children’s father.
Never say “no” to meeting the children’s father(s). The young woman and her relatives might be testing you. Meeting an exe is a good way to show everyone what kind of man you truly are when you can face another man, look him in the eyes, and give him a handshake while letting him know with your appearance, “She is mine now.” When it comes to the children, a father is going to act protective about them, so give the man his space. The young woman’s exe will be watching to see if you honestly care about his former family and may even put you to the test. The father might need to be reassured that you are indeed a good guy.

Your young date may have told her exe how she feels about you depending on the kind of friendship they have, so don’t let the family down by acting in any way that makes you look like a coward. However, don’t be surprised if her exe doesn’t want to lay eyes on you. Know that the children’s father may challenge you, so be prepared for any negative reaction from him. Avoid being alone with him, politely decline any offer to drink or use drugs, and never discuss any personal details about your young girlfriend with her exe no matter how tempting.

Seven. Be open to offering your financial support and service.
It’s hard raising children particularly if the young woman is doing it without the support of her children’s father and relatives. Offer your assistance whenever you can. Help her with groceries, utility bills, gas, and other things that she and her family often uses. It doesn’t matter that she has a job already every little bit of financial help says a lot about your character. Listen closely when she mentions that she is trying to get money saved up for a need. When you don’t display generosity toward your date, what you are conveying is that you are no different than the rest of the losers she has dated. You are only interested in one thing, sex.

A mother with children who has captivated your interest might be young, but she isn’t stupid. While courting her, be a positive role model to her children, she will be watching. Your kind efforts will speak volumes about your character leaving her no choice but to brag about you to her relatives and friends.

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