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7 Things you should never say on your first date

Dating is not an easy game to play. If you ever wondered why it does not work out for you, you might have said or done one of the following things. However, in the future you will know better and won’t do the same mistake again. So watch out and avoid to say or do one the following 7 things on your first date.

One. Keep your fingers off your mobile. Ringing mobile phones, writing text messages, talking to someone on the phone – all those behaviors are really rude and impolite on a first, well actually on any date. Keep your mobile on silence and in your pocket and check it when you go to the toilet or, even better, when the date is over. Anything else will give him or her the impression that you are either not interested or have more than one irons in the fire.

Two. Do not talk about your ex. Talking about your ex partner makes you look like you are not over it or as if you are looking for a clone of your ex in your next relationship.

Three. Flirting with others. Let the one you are out on a date with be the one and only for you. Try not to be flirty with service staff or friends you might meet during your date. If you give someone a reason to be jealous on your first date, he or she will never come back.

Four. Body odors. Apart from looking great, make sure that you smell good – everywhere. You never know what’s going to happen and how close you are going to get to one another. So make sure all your clothes, from the shirt to the underpants and socks, are freshly washed and smelling well. There is nothing that turns another person more off than body odors.

Five. Don’t over or underdress. Dress according to the location you are meeting up. No suits or high heels for a walk in the park and no baggy pants or hoodies for a fancy restaurant. If you are inappropriately dressed you are going to feel uncomfortable and this might distract you from having a good time.

Six. Don’t go to far. No matter how great and mind-blowing the other person, never ever use the words “I love you!” on your first date. This might be what you feel in that very moment, nevertheless can such a confession be a shock to the other person. No one feels real love that quick and people who do so come across desperate and lonely, hence boring and a little unreal.

Seven. Not listen. Always listen to what the other one has to say. Even if it might not be the most interesting thing you have ever heard, it is a matter of respect and kindness to listen to others. Moreover, if you end up meeting up a second time, you already have topics you can tie up your conversation to.

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