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7 Things an Older Man Does When He Denies He is Having a Mid-Life Crisis

Do you suspect that your man is having a melt-down of sorts? Is he often irritable, complaining, or desiring to do things that are very different from his normal routines? Does he seem to have an interest in things that aren’t typical of his age? If so, then maybe he is having a mid-life crisis and maybe you are one of the results of that mid-life crisis. But how do you know what exactly is going on with him and whether or not you should end the relationship?

1. He ignores health issues and you are less than satisfied emotionally and physically.

How many times have you discussed your concerns about his health? Has he done anything about his issues? If you notice that no matter what you say, he refuses treatment and things are only getting worse, you may want to get a professional involved. If he starts acting abusive toward you emotionally and physically, end the relationship. You don’t want to end up in the hospital, in jail or buried six feet deep because of a man with a mental and physical breakdown.

2. He blames everyone else for problems and mistakes, but himself.

Maybe he isn’t happy with his life decisions at his age, his issue, not yours. No amount of talking to him will make him suddenly be content with himself. If he is somehow reasoning that everything he has done at this point in his life didn’t go his way because this person and that one, this is definitely a man who needs a reality check. Sometimes hormones get in the way of reason.

3. He trades his former interests for more youthful ones.

He may have been great at doing whatever that thing is he likes to do, but now he wants to do some things differently that may cause him to end up in the hospital. Share with him the pros and cons and hopefully his adventure seeking and risk taking will be a passing phase.

4. He avoids spending time with people his own age.

An older gentleman said once, “I don’t want to live at that elderly housing building--that’s where the old people are!” Some older men refuse to see that their minds and bodies simply don’t operate the way that they use to and to be around people who are going through similar things just makes some angry. Best thing to do, avoid jokes and so-called advice about his age and definitely don‘t encourage him to be with people his own age when he has made it clear he isn‘t interested.

5. He is irritated, frustrated and often complaining.

When he finds himself tearful about things he wouldn’t typically be moved by or easily angered in situations he would have normally shrugged off, he is going to make excuses. A man’s mood changes when testosterone fluctuates. He might say, “It was something I ate…or it’s hot outside…” but the truth is his body is going through some changes.

6. His interest in sex changes with the wind.

Believe it or not, some men simply aren’t always excited about sex especially if they are overweight. Lazy men are lazy lovers and don’t last long in the bedroom. A man who is not happy at work, home, and isn’t doing so well when it comes to his physical health will not want sex as much as a man who is healthy, manages his weight, and who isn’t experiencing many symptoms of male midlife. Sometimes a man going through his personal crisis will not get erect and stay that way for very long while others may function normal but have other issues like perspiring when it isn’t hot, taking frequent naps, staying up all night, having difficulty urinating, and eating more.

7. He is often selfish and doesn’t think about how others might feel as a result of his actions.

When men are going through a midlife crisis, they are going to say and do things they regret. A man who has never been abusive might start beating his partner for no apparent reason. He may steal, lie, or even cheat.

Male mid-life also known as andropause is real and there are many older men who are suffering silently. Some can’t explain what is happening to their minds and bodies while others don’t bother to notice but everyone else can clearly see that they aren’t themselves. If you know someone who is going through male midlife, be gentle, ask questions, and offer solutions by passing on information about the subject. Also suggest that he makes an appointment with his doctor before symptoms get worse.

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