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7 Signs Your Older Man is the Jealous, Insecure Type

You noticed that your mature beau tends to act difficult, especially when you both are around individuals you care about. He is very protective of you, argumentative with others about you, and feels the need to ask you about every person who comes in contact with you. You are put off by your insecure mate’s mannerisms as well as the things he says about those you know. What might be your mature partner’s issue? Could it be that your older date feels jealous and insecure around you and those you love? Watch out for red flags that may lead to further trouble in the future if you should choose to stick it out with a jealous, insecure older man.

One. He signals those around you that he doesn’t like them.
You may not see the signs that he doesn’t like certain relatives or friends of yours, but they can. From eye rolls, deep sighs, mumbles under one’s breath, mean stares, negative statements or put-downs, there are many ways a man who doesn’t care for one’s future in-laws might do. Don’t ignore what your loved ones tell you and immediately defend your mate. Watch and listen to your man, pay close attention to how he interacts with others. Be prepared to have a talk with him when he steps out of line with family members and friends. You might be surprised at what you may have overlooked for days, weeks, even years about your partner.

Two. He isn’t interested in your job, but he sure seems to be curious about those males you work with.
Your older partner is very selective about what he tells you about his day, but when you choose to talk to him about yours, he gives you flippant remarks and may act noticeably stressed especially when you mention the opposite sex.

Three. He doesn’t like when you work long hours.
Are there people at your job who are young, attractive and fond of you? Well, if you’re working late, all sorts of wild imaginings might be filling your older man’s head. You might want to think about cutting back your hours.

Four. He often talks about men in your life as if they are going to be trouble for him.
Your boyfriend is no prophet, but he might be predicting about what might, could or possibly happen if you both continue to date, because he feels intimidated by other men. He also might not like how men in your family are reacting toward him while protecting you. If your older partner has nothing to hide and his motives for dating you are in the right place, then what does he have to worry about?

Five. He advises you about relatives and friends even when you don’t ask him for his opinion.
Once again, something is going on with your mature man if he feels like he needs to negatively comment or warn you about people who you love and respect. Unless you are doing some things that most people would deem dysfunctional, why all the negativity from your partner? Get to the bottom of his strange behavior by asking questions.

Six. He shows signs that he can be physically abusive by getting in your face, throwing things, and making physical threats toward you and others.
If you can’t have a discussion about certain people, places and things in your life without your older mate having a fit, you just might want to start gradually distancing yourself from him as soon as you can. Save everyone the drama and make plans to exit this potentially abusive relationship.

Seven. He is disrespectful and obnoxious in front of you and others.
You can’t say much, if anything to people when your older partner is around without him putting you down and others. From negatively commenting about his age or yours to belittling you when you speak, there is a good possibility he is not comfortable dating you. He might make people feel on edge, nervous, or confused. Maybe your man isn’t happy with his life decisions and may be going through a male mid-life crisis. Someone on his side of the family could be giving him some problems about dating you. Whatever his issue might be, ask yourself the following: “Do I have the patience to withstand this man and all the issues that come with him? Why do I allow him to treat me negatively? What are my reasons for keeping this man in my life?”

When your mate is acting in controlling ways such as: acting mean toward you particularly when you are doing well in life, calling you all times of the day, stalking you, and acting difficult when you ask him about his whereabouts among other things, these are definite signs that you have an overly jealous, insecure person on your hands.

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