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7 Reasons Your Relatives Don’t Want to See You with an Older Date

It seemed like a good idea to start dating older men inside your head until people around you started negatively commenting about your preferences in dates. Relatives and friends can be heartless when it comes to age-gap dating. They have their reasons. You might want to consider why before you start bringing your mature dates around your loved ones.

One. They feel like you might be rebounding.
If you were with someone about your age or younger for a long period of time and now you are with someone who is a far cry from what your family and friends are use to seeing you with, the change can be startling for some. They might suspect that you are going through a phase and are still hurt as a result of the last relationship, so they won’t be that supportive of your new date especially if they think he is in your life temporarily.

Two. They simply believe you are too young and he is too old.
Some people can’t fathom why would any young woman want to settle down with someone who doesn’t compliment her physically and may not be mentally compatible to her and vice versa. This is a personal issue, no cause for alarm, it tends to show up in some people who just don’t want to see you with an older man whether he is rich or not for a variety of reasons some of which have nothing to do with you.

Three. They have concerns he might be controlling.
There was a good reason why the older man who might have once been married is now single. What was it about his last relationship of 10 plus years that would make him want to start all over again with someone else much younger? Relatives can see a player a mile away and if this man of many tricks has one up his sleeve for you, those who care about you much will call him out on it. Pay close attention when he attempts to dictate to you how to dress, who you should talk to, where you should go, what goals you should pursue, and more.

Four. Fearful you might contract a disease.
Most older men have years of sexual conquests. Loved ones are concerned that he may have a sexually transmitted disease that you don’t know about and will pass it on to you. The last thing they want to do is see you in the hospital crying from symptoms related to a STD. Protect yourself.

Five. Worry you will get pregnant before you are ready.
Some older men seek younger women because they desire children. It is unfortunate that some women are being targeted by older men because their time clock is ticking. You will usually find out what his plans are for you when he alludes to being a father and having children one day. Family may talk of the health risks and what plans the two of you are making to ensure the care of the child. Some will not act very supportive, because they simply don’t want to babysit or help you financially because they have their own share of responsibilities. Consider using birth control if you aren’t already.

Six. You have no plan for your future that will generate enough income to care for yourself.
Your relatives are concerned that you will not live your life to the fullest, because your time and energy will be focused on him. A manipulative older men will ensure that your attention will be placed on him and not necessarily your life goals. Loved ones don’t want to see your life spiral downward because of a controlling man and they most likely don‘t want you asking them for their assistance in the future. So they want to be reassured that your older man is in fact in love with you and willing to marry.

Seven. He may break your heart especially if he just left his family without notice.
Relatives are concerned about your mate’s past because they worry that he might treat you the same way he did his ex-girlfriend or wife. So they will ask about his past relationships and what you know about them.
Remember your dating experience is personal and should not be dictated by others who have issues with your selection in men. If you sincerely like the older gentleman, then learn as much as you can about him, and make your own determination whether he is in fact right or wrong for you.

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