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6 Questions the Mature Man Ought to Ask a Younger Woman Before Dating Her Exclusively

When a man has a special someone in mind who he enjoys spending time with and learning more about her, he should consider what it is that he has yet to know about this individual.

1. What is it about you she likes?
Have you taken the time to learn what she likes about you? If you know the things she likes about you, this information will help you get along with her better and keep you motivated to say and do the kinds of things that will keep her interest in you and not those other guys.

2. What does she hope to accomplish in the near future: education, career goals, marriage, and children?
As we all know when one is focused on improving self and has a clearly defined plan as to what he or she wants out of life, there is no stopping this person from being a success. Knowing how this woman thinks about education, career, marriage etc. will help you determine whether she is a keeper or someone who is best left as an acquaintance.

3. What does she like to do in her spare time?
Women who have much idle time outside of work can be troublesome. It is important to know what she does when she isn’t with you sometimes so that you can watch for signs that she indeed has a life of her own. Some women wait for a man to come in their life with his hobbies, dreams and goals and then piggyback off of them. However, this can be a problem because in time she will act as if she can’t do anything without you and feel the need to frequently check in or check up with you.

4. What does she think of men her own age?
How a woman feels about those in her age group may help you discover what makes her gravitate to older men. Maybe she has far too many bad experiences with men in her age group or some baggage you may not be aware of. A question like this that addresses feelings about others will open up a discussion about other areas of her life you maybe interested in learning more about.

5. What was her relationship like with her father?
Being that her father is the first man in her life, you will want to know if her experience with her dad helped build her confidence, treat others with respect especially males, and were basic needs met by him during her childhood. Depending on how she responds to this question will give you a good idea what might be some of the relationship challenges you might be faced with when conversing with her.

6. What does she expect from you?
Do you honestly know what her intentions are in the relationship and what she is expecting you to do to complete her? Take the time to find out what she hopes to gain from you as she discovers more about you. When mature men take the time to ask questions when relating to a younger woman, they will be able to quickly separate the foolish women from the wise ones; therefore saving much time, money and emotional freedom.

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