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5 Signs an Older Man is not Interested in Marrying You

You have been dating a special someone for quite some time now and have talked about a future commitment on and off with him which includes a ring, wedding and a baby. Yet these days, you find yourself wondering whether you will ever be anything more than just a date, a girlfriend, or a fiance. So what signs might you look for to find out whether your mature partner is not interested in a marriage anytime soon?

One. He doesn’t bother to call you unless he wants sex.
You may have talked about marriage, but if the only time he seems to be really interested in connecting with you is when he wants to have sex, he is not interested in anything more with you no matter how much you convince yourself otherwise. An immature young woman will beg, scream, or do silly things to try to make a man be something more to her than he wants to be. Don’t be unwise, move on when you know you are being used!

Two. He is more focused on his career than a relationship.
Long work hours, night classes, in the running for a promotion, and other work related things seem to dominate his time and your conversations with him. Chances are he feels ill-equipped to be a husband, especially if he has carried this title a few too many times in the past. The mature man has yet to reach his career goals and he knows that time is ticking. Young woman, stick around if you want to, but understand that marriage is not on his mind when he is working diligently to take the number one spot at work and do his best elsewhere. Until he is satisfied with his work experience, education and other similar things, he will not want to take on the responsibility of caring for you and a potential family. Pressure him about marriage, and he just might choose his job over you.

Three. He talks about a future with you, but never makes good on any promises.
When the older man was feeling low, you came along with your youthful glow and made him a happy man, at least for a time. He may have said many nice things to you, including wanting you to be his partner for the rest of his life, but then he got distracted. You may have also said some things that made him feel like he could put off marrying you. Broken promises only lead to more broken promises, so until actions speak louder than words, he is not ready to marry you.

Four. He shares personal information, thoughts, concerns and more with others, but not with you.
You feel like you are the last to know about every thing he does. Could it be that he doesn’t find you mature enough to handle his personal business like finances, thoughts about life, and concerns about the relationship? This mature man might not include you in major life decisions, keeps you at a distance from his relatives and friends, and appears irritated when you are in his presence, because he is not convinced that you are his “One”. As long as walls remain up around his feelings, his secrets remain secrets, and you can’t seem to get a grip on why he doesn’t share even the simplest things he does with you, he has no plans of marrying you.

Five. When you mention marriage, he avoids the topic, makes excuses, or accuses you of being pushy.
You may have had “the talk” and put your heart, money and time on the line for him, but no matter what you say or do, he looks and sounds visibly angry about all things related to marriage, you don’t need any more signs, it is obvious he needs some time alone. Don’t pressure him, state your feelings, and tell him, “I would like to have a future with you soon, but from the looks of things, you are not willing to meet me half way, so maybe its best for me to start thinking about a future without you.” If he sincerely wants to marry you, he will make every effort to keep you. Back off from him for awhile, go on with your life. However, if he doesn’t have any intentions to build a future with you, he will let you walk.

Mature men have seen much in their lives and most likely have received an ultimatum or two from past partners, so when a younger woman puts her foot down and says how she truly feels about a future with him, a wise man will respect her or an old fool will play her especially if she doesn’t says what she means and means what she says.

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