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5 Signs an Older Man is Not Ready to Show Off His Young Date

He isn’t convinced that he wants to date someone younger, so for now she is his best kept secret. He doesn’t want to introduce her to the family, doesn’t want to talk to friends about her, and would rather not be seen at his favorite establishments, or old neighborhood with her. He may get away with his secret for awhile, but sooner or later, the young woman is going to want to come up for air. The bedroom walls will not contain her and his idea of a romantic romance of “just us two” will grow old. So could you be a younger woman reading this and concerned that your older partner is not interested in doing nothing more with you except have sex? What are some signs that your boyfriend doesn’t want others to know about you?

One. He will avoid introducing you to his family and friends.

Opportunities will come and go for you and he to attend family functions and hang out with his friends. He will make excuses about why he doesn‘t feel it necessary for you to see them. The older man will worry over what they might think (especially if you are very young looking). Also, he will become visibly irritated if you keep asking about meeting his loved ones.
He isn’t interested in taking you to events particularly if he is fearful that you two might run into people he (or his ex) might know.

It is a small world when you start getting around town and the chances that you two might run into someone from his past, particularly if he grew up in the area, are likely. So if he isn’t ready for the scrutiny of being with a young woman or having a mid-life crisis, the two of you won’t be seen together in certain communities.

Two. You suggest visiting places that are nearby, fun, and popular, and he mentions places that seem inconvenient and not that fun, and besides you don’t have a clue where they are.

Some older men will take their young friends to far away towns or out of state, for reasons previously mentioned. A man who sincerely wants to spend time with you will do it, but he won’t be able to enjoy your company when he is worried about who might walk through the door at his favorite restaurant, club, bar, church, or coffee shop.

Three. He refuses to share details about his life with you.

The more you question him about who he is, what he does, what he likes, his background, and more, the more your date will avoid such topics.
He does this for a number of reasons. First, he may not be confident in the current relationship and may be using you as a temporary replacement. Next, he is unsure whether you can keep his personal business to yourself.. Lastly, he is a private person who just might have a long history of not opening up to people. His distrust and secrecy might be one of many reasons why his exes couldn’t get along with him.

Four. He doesn’t listen to the requests that mean the most to you.

From asking him to take you to your favorite store to buying you something that visibly says you are a pair, he refuses. A man who isn’t very much interested in a young lady is not going to meet her needs no matter how much she communicates, “I need you.” If he isn’t confident about presenting you to the world as his girlfriend, fiancé or wife, he most often isn’t going to do what you ask either.

Five. He is insecure about walking with you in public no matter where you two go.

Face it, you may be attractive, a magnet for young men. An older man who can’t stand men gawking at his beauty is going to act jealous and insecure when other men are around. He doesn’t want to experience those uncomfortable feelings, so there will be those times that he will stay in the car, walk in front or behind you, and avoid any public displays of affection because he doesn‘t want to draw anymore attention to you both. When a few people approach him that he knows, he seems to act like his hand has been caught in the cookie jar.

In addition to all of these signs, you can also make a determination whether your man is in a relationship with someone else as well. A young woman who has been asked out on a date by an older man will want to be sure that the man she is seeing is truly interested in her. She will not get a good idea where he stands, if she never challenges him on anything. She also will not fully enjoy her time with the older man if he doesn’t see her as anything more than just a play thing. Avoid wasting time with someone who is sure about sleeping in the same bed with you, but not so sure about showing you off to his family, friends and to the world!

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