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5 Easy Things a Young Woman Can Do to Attract an Older Man

Sometimes younger women don‘t pay attention to how they look to mature men especially when they are going through personal trials. Yet, if one is seriously interested in dating older men, then she must keep up her appearance. Some older men are attracted to younger women because, in their minds, young women are like a fountain of youth. Being in their presence, they tend to motivate a mature man to appreciate life, recapture youth, and break dismal routines. Before a younger woman sets out on her quest to date an older man, she should consider doing some simple things that will encourage the mature man to want to date her.

One. Upgrade your appearance.
Maybe you are still mimicking a celebrity’s look you once admired five years ago, think about this, most well-dressed, attractive older men have seen many fads come and go. Chances are your potential date isn’t interested in a look on you that even he knows is outdated, over-the-top, or worse bizarre.

Long highlighted hair or a short boy haircut with pink extensions that doesn’t compliment one’s face and shouts that she is everything but herself may work for a while with a younger man but an older one will eventually ask, “Have you thought of trying something different with your hair?”

Promising herself that she will watch what she eats and exercise more will not move her to lose the weight, but for some women they continue to behave in this way while wondering, “Why can’t I get an older rich, handsome man?” A wise man who eats healthy and takes care of himself doesn’t want someone on his arm that doesn’t represent him well. Take a good long look at that woman in the mirror. What do you see? Keep in mind that beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder. So make the necessary changes that will make you feel good, but also keep that older man interested. Be happy with who you are, but it doesn’t hurt to upgrade the less than flattering features in a healthy way.

Two. Smile.
Think of all of the beautiful people you have met in your life. Many of them may not have been that attractive at first glance, but then they smiled. Find something you love about yourself, the people you meet, the places you visit and more and learn to smile especially in the presence of an older man you like. Even if something seems funny to you and only you, think about it and just smile. You never know who might come your way. Also, if you are posting photos of yourself online it is a must that you smile. If you don’t have nice teeth, make an appointment with a dentist or close your mouth in such a way that it still looks like you are smiling.

Three. Be employed and have a hobby.
You already know that there is a stigma associated with younger women dating older men so don’t feed into the hype by not having anything going on in your life except your appearance. Where do you work? What do you do when you are not working? Start filling up those empty spaces in your life before you start making yourself available to date an older gentleman. What you do will add to a great conversation with your older companion.

Four. Have good relationships with select family members and friends and be prepared to introduce them one day.
No one who has lived on this earth for awhile wants to be in a relationship with someone who is often complaining about his or her bad relatives and no-good friends. The older man is going to ask you at some point, “Why do you keep those people around?” Then he will feel like he must protect you from your big bad foes. However, in time you will think he is being controlling and mean. Make a point to work on those relationships with family and friends that you really like and dismiss all those dysfunctional ones before your older man comes into your life. This also includes ridding yourself of your ex-boyfriends. But if a former partner is in your life due to children, be sure to create enough distance between him and you so that your older partner doesn‘t feel insecure or threatened.

Five. Be available.
An older man wants to know that you will take time for him. So check your schedule. Do you have time to date? Make some time to meet with him outside of your home. Don’t offer to bring him to your home too early in the relationship. If you should rush an intimate relationship, you just might find that most of your dating experience will be behind closed doors. The longer you put off your place as a location to get to know one another the better.

Now that you have five ways to keep an older man interested in you, keep in mind that you never want to date someone for just one or all of the following while overlooking the things that make up the human spirit: appearance, money, fame, power, etc. Remember at a moment’s notice, all of these things can go away, so why not think of things like: his personality, spiritual upbringing, motivation for living, interests and more. Can you see yourself building a future with a mature man?

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