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10 things that make her a real lady

The spotlight always seems to be heading towards men, analising their behavior and suitability as a true gentlemen. But what about the women? We all agree that there are certain Do’s and Don’t’s that distinguish a girl from a real lady. Let’s have a closer look at some of these characteristics:

A real lady always dresses to impress but never too obtrusive. She always dresses for the moment and never fails to look fantastic, no matter if she is relaxing on the sofa watching her favorite TV show, out with her girls dancing or for dinner with her boyfriend. The same applies to her make up: Never too little, never too much and always appropriate.

She never reveals too much. This applies to her dresses as well as to what she says. A real lady never talks about embarrassing or shocking things and she never shows too much skin. If she is not sure about what to say, she is either quiet and smiles gently, or she asks appropriate questions that show she is interested.

A real lady never looks bored. Even if she is. Looking bored and showing obvious disinterest is not only rude, it is also extremely childish. A lady is a grown-up woman who does not need to fight with the weapons of a little girl. She would never use her charm or sexappeal to get what she wants, only if it’s adequate.

True ladies love themselves. They are pleased with what they have and achieved and everything they did not achieve so far is an objective they fight for.

A real lady would never embarrass her man. That includes everything from telling things about him behind his back to being totally drunk in front of his colleagues or friends. A lady treats everyone she loves and herself with the appropriate respect.

Ladies are self-confident. They stand up for what they are and believe and they would never betray a person they love.

Real ladies care for their reputation and hate gossiping. They always life according to the motto: Act as if the one you are talking about was present, and as if you had to look your counterpart into the eyes until the end of time.

Real ladies love animals and children. That shows that they have a truly kind and big heart and that they will make a perfect and caring mother. The difference between real love and pretended love shows when no one is looking.

A real lady would always be ambitious and work hard for her own career instead of waiting for a man to pay her bills. A true lady knows that the only person she can rely on 100 percent is herself. That means true ladies are independent, strong and diligent. They would never lay on their sofa spending lazy days and wait to pick up the fruits someone else planted.

Once a real lady found her one true love that is good to her as she deserved, she will marry him and never leave him.

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