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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date an Older Man Right Now

Your relatives or friends may have encouraged you to start dating. You may have thought about a certain someone who just so happens to be older, but you are doubtful about whether a relationship is really worth starting. You may have some doubts about dating someone older, and with so much going on in your life, now just might not be the right time. Before doing some things you might regret later, think about your own life and why dating someone older may not be what you really want.

One. You still hope to accomplish more with your life.
When getting involved with someone you know that you will have to compromise and make sacrifices for the good of the relationship. Sometimes personal hopes and dreams get put on the backburner while a partner tries to help his or her significant. Are you willing to possibly put off your dream and follow someone else‘s? Would it bother you to be a parent or stepparent sooner than expected? What if your date wants you to relocate? Would you be willing to invest money to help your date if things get serious? How about quit your job or change your hours to accommodate a new relationship? If you answered “no” to any or all of these questions, you definitely don’t want to get involved with an older man who may be at a point in his life where he wants to settle down.

Two. You have a long track record of bad experiences with men.
Some people get involved in relationships like playing a lottery game. They hope that their next date will be the winning ticket. When you know you have a long track record of not getting along with men whether young or old, you may want to take some time to think about why and begin working on you. Think about being a friend rather than a lover until you know whether dating older is right for you.

Three. You’re not sure about much of anything in your life.
The more you think about the future, the more you are unsure about pursuing one opportunity or another. Do you really want to bring a mature man behind your walls of confusion?

Four. You have bad habits that you have yet to conquer.
From cursing like a sailor to smoking like a chimney, chances are your past dates had an issue with one or all of your bad habits. Too often people get involved with others who they may not be compatible with only to find that their bad habits are beginning to rub off on them.

Five. You are still very much interested in younger men.

Older men learn quickly when dating younger women whether they are immature, very much interested in someone who has a more desirable appearance or prefers to be with someone younger. If you know that you are most attracted to younger men, maybe you might want to focus on dating men your own age before hurting the feelings of a man much older and less attractive.

Six. You lack manners.
Many people attend functions and don’t know how to eat properly in the public, speak well of others, or ask politely for things. When you know that you have a problem turning off that inner child, so that you are representing yourself and others well, put off dating a mature, astute professional.

Eight. You still value your parents input on every aspect of your life.
You struggle with making decisions and often call your mom for advice. If you find it challenging to live your life without family input, you definitely aren’t ready to date a man with much life experience.

Nine. Your friends mean so much to you that you wouldn’t know what to do without them.
If you are often talking and hanging out with your relatives, you most likely put a great deal of trust in your friends as well. A mature man, especially one who has spent much of his life independent of relatives and acquaintances, will begin to wonder when will you have time for him? He will also think about how much you might be telling others about him and will some of his information remain confidential. If your friends mean the world to you so much that anyone you date takes second or third place in your life, don’t bother dating.

Ten. You aren’t familiar or interested in learning about an older man’s culture, upbringing, an interests.
Sometimes people date one another for immature reasons including looks and business associations. When you are sincerely interested in dating someone older you will want to learn more about them. If you find yourself not asking questions about his background, and not willing to reach compromises on core beliefs, then this is clearly a sign you don’t desire a long-term committed relationship with your companion.

Take your time, you are still young, love will find you when you sincerely ready to receive it. At times, we put pressure on ourselves to date someone just because this person may be fond of us, but that doesn’t mean that we are ready to date someone exclusively. If you feel that most of these reasons mentioned previously describe you, don’t date right now. You can save yourself and someone a whole lot of future heartbreak if you just honestly admit to yourself, “I‘m not ready right now to date someone older.”

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