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10 Must-See-Places in the UK

When we think of holiday, we start imagining snow-white beaches, turquoise waters, palm trees, foreign cultures and exotic food. But holiday does not necessarily mean we must leave the country, sometimes, there are more beautiful places by our doorstep than we even know, because we never really consider spending our well-deserved and hardly-earned free time in our own country. But we certainly should. If not for a longer holiday, the UK also offers stunning places to go for just a weekend or a few days. Whether you plan a romantic date, a fun short trip with your spouse or family or a party tour with your mates – Great Britain offers amazing spots for every taste.

Here comes a list of the7 places in the UK, you definitely should visit before you die.

Lake Windermere
This mindblowing natural beauty in Lake District National Park is the largest lake in England (one mile wide, 2 miles long and 220 feet deep). The lake is a famous tourist destination, however, it’s west side is nearly completely owned by the National Trust which makes the western shoreline a sanctuary for wild animals, plants and birds. A great place to visit on a day’s trip.

The Giant’s Causeway
This Northern Ireland World Heritage Site is a true stunner with a mythical feel to it. The shore is lined by cubic basalt stones, the outcome of a volcanic eruption. A true must-see if you are close enough to Northern Ireland.

Hadrian’s Wall – The Northern Border of the Roman Empire
This iconic roman border wall was built in 753 BC between Newcastle and Solway Firth, close to today’s border between Scotland and England. Large parts of the former wall are still present and the remains can be found on a stretch of over 70 miles. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.

This legendary place is one of the world’s great wonders and certainly does not need much of a description. It is a long-standing tourist favourite and everyone who hasn’t been yet should go and feel the magic of this place for themselves.

The Eden Project
This dream-like complex in Cornwall is one of the most stunning modern projects in Great Britain. Under it’s two gigantic glass domes it houses over 100,000 plants in specially recreated climate zones. A must for every lover of botanic designs.

Loch Ness
This mystical lake in Scotland’s Highlands is the centrepiece of the Loch Ness Monster, which is still believed to be living in the depth of these dark waters. The shores are lined with beautiful wildlife and the lake has one of the highest fish populations in the UK. A great place to stay for a romantic weekend.

Stratford on Avon – Shakespeare’s Home Town
Not only fans of the greatest writer England has ever had will love this site. About 2 driving hours northwest of London lays Shakespeare’s birth house, which is so idyllic and beautiful, that we can understand where his inspirations must have come from.
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