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10 Gifts real Gentlemen give to their Women

The personality and attitude of so-called gentlemen are different today then they were 50 years ago. The modern gentleman is humble, unassuming and unobtrusively. The key qualities did not change much but the gentleman of today knows how to hide them behind a classy and sexy facade. But no gentleman is complete without giving the perfect gift to his woman of choice. Here are the 10 most stylish presents only true gentlemen give to their women.She is going to love every single one of them!

Number 1: Underwear. There is no better present for women than underwear. All women love it. But the hard part is to get it right. Real gentlemen know her exact size and favorite colour.

Number 2: Watches and Jewellery. Again, you have to meet her taste, but if you do, she will be as enchanted as she can be. A special piece of jewellery or a watch does not only look fantastic, it is also, and most importantly, an invaluable memory of an unforgettable moment, day or stage of life.

Number 3: A wellness day for two or her alone. Whether it is a voucher for a wellness day for both of you or her alone, this great present shows that you care for her wellbeing.

Number 4: DVDs. Just like men, women tend to have one favorite genre or actor they like to collect movies of. Find out what she loves to watch either alone or with her girlfriends and then surprise her with one special film or a whole box set.

Number 5: A professional photo shot. For women who love style and fashion this is a great present to feel like a model for a day and receive unique photos of a memorable day.

Number 6: An unexpected candlelight dinner. Blindfold your beloved woman and lead her to a place you prepared with a candle-lit table and a menu of her liking. If you struggle to cook yourself, book a private room in an exclusive restaurant or book your private cook which comes to your house for one night to pamper you with the ultimate culinary experience.

Number 7: A picnic in the park. Great presents don’t have to be expensive. Buy her favorite food, grab a bottle of wine and a picnic rug, and pick her up at home on a warm summer day without telling her where the journey goes.

Number 8: Doglegging. In winter, what present could be more romantic than a tour with a dog sledge? A cup of hot chocolate, warm and fluffy lambskins and your arms around her while you are rushing through the cold air of a winter wonder land.

Number 9: That handbag she always wanted. Ask her best friend what brand, colour and style she would love and then look forward to those big and amazed eyes.

Number 10: Yoga classes. Yoga is booming. Go to a local Yoga school and buy her 10 hours of relaxation and balancing mind, body and soul.

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