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Miss December 2013

After her best friend was raving about girlsandgentlemen, 18-year-old MarinaUK thought she might as well give it a try. The pretty student from South East England does not set her expectations to high. She joined the site to wait and see what is coming.

The brown-haired beauty loves everything all girls of her age love. Whenever she does not sit at her desk to study for her diploma she meets her girlfriends for clubbing, shopping, running, swimming or movie nights. MarinaUK tried to get along with boys around her age without any success. She concluded that they are not mature enough to know what a young woman really needs and wants.
This is why she is now hoping to find a mature man who speaks the language of the ladies.

The attractive little lady did not make any plans for her future yet. First and foremost she wants to finish her studies and get to work. Maybe, one day in the future, and only with the right man by her side, she might get married and have children.

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