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Miss December 2012

This beautiful young lady nicknamed Nastik was randomly browsing on the Internet when she discovered girlsandgentlemen. She was curious and considered it as a stroke of destiny. So she decided to begin her search for an older, mature gentleman.
So far, the 26-year-old beauty only met men who didn’t show the necessary maturity and experience to establish a serious and mutually respectful relationship. She learned that only older men are wise and experienced enough to maintain a partnership at eye-level and to know what it means to show each other the respect and love they deserve. The beautiful Russian girl with the breathtaking smile is looking for a man between 30 and 40 years to share some wonderful times. She is also hoping to learn from his life experience and wisdom.
Nastik doesn’t make plans for her future. She takes every moment and day as it comes and tries to listen to the signs life is presenting to her. The Russian beauty is convinced that with the right kind of awareness and openness, the right things will come to her automatically.

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