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Miss October 2013

30-year-old Renata2019 is every man’s dream come true. Blue eyes, blonde hair, kissable lips and an amazing body. Hard to believe that this attractive young lady is a mother of two and divorced. What kind of man would let a woman like this go?

Now all male members of girlsandgentlemen get the chance to win her heart and hold on to her. Renata2019 has had enough of men who do not know what they want and who struggle with decisions about life, work and everything else. The young mother hopes to find a man who treats her like she deserved. And in her opinion, she deserves only the best. The man of her dreams should be prepared to take her out dining and shopping, go travelling with her and build a family nest with her.

The attractive Czech expects from her partner to care about his outer appearance and his physique. Good manners, a sense of style and a well-groomed appearance are also very important to her. Renata2019 has an active lifestyle, so a man who sits on his office chair all day just to come home and sit on the sofa is not for her. Nevertheless she will always fight to maintain a certain independence and freedom.

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