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Miss September 2013

This 22-year-old exotic beauty from London has a lot of fire running through her veins. One thing is for sure, its anything but boredom. Pammysmith joined girlsandgentlemen because she is lacking a good man in her life. After several failed relationships with boys and young men of her age, she decided to look for an older partner.

Pammysmith does not know yet where this road might take her. Up to now she is open to anything from friendship and romance to relationship and marriage. She is a girl who takes each day as it comes without worrying too much about her future.

One day, that is for sure, this all-American girl wants to be a mother of many children. Ideally with the man of her dreams. This lucky guy should be sporty, intelligent, wise, classy, wealthy and good at heart. Maybe she will find him right here!

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