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Miss August 2013

This stunning 28-year-old lady with the captivating smile did not reveal whether she chose her nickname Candylove because she loves candy, or because her love is sweet like candy. Maybe a bit of both, because the attractive Blonde describes herself as playful, positive, romantic, faithful, honest and caring.

Likewise she is looking for a man with a gentle heart who should be her one and only true love and soul mate. She is convinced that an older man is mature enough to handle her and her desires. She is dreaming of a man who has plenty of experience for her to learn from. She sees the relationship between a mature gentleman and a younger woman as a great advantage for both. He could benefit from her youth and positivity, have children with her and feel young again, while she would feel safe, protected, understood and truly loved.

Candylove’s Prince Charming is a non-smoker, who likes travelling and going out but who also loves to cuddle up with her on the sofa on a rainy Sunday.

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