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Miss June 2013

27-year-old Qianqian is a true Asian textbook beauty. Her favourite colour red underlines her elegance and mysterious aura. She joined girlsandgentlemen because of one simple reason – she wants to spend her life with a mature, wealthy, and classy gentleman to support her achieving her dreams. The black-haired lady dreams of a life of plenty, in luxury and without any financial worry.

Ever since she was little, the Chinese lady pictured her future husband as someone who is wise, experienced, mature, clever, faithful, charming, honest, and successful in his job and who has always been working hard for what he achieved.

Despite all honesty about her key objectives, Qianqian is not at all superficial. She knows that money is not everything and that material things alone can never make her happy. Born and raised in China, she knows what it means to struggle with financial problems and to fight for social and financial independence. For her own future and for her children, she therefore dreams of a life that lacks nothing.

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