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Miss May 2013

Candy034 was born in The Netherlands and moved to New York to study, where she lives and works ever since. The cute Blonde is 30 years old and thinks that the time for her has come to find a man she can grow old with. After her best friend found her partner on girlsandgentlemen and is now happily married, she thought she might give it a try.

The sexy young woman has always been interested in older men. She is convinced that mature men know a lot more about women and life in general. They built their life and success with their own hands and have plenty of experience in all aspects of life. Experience she thinks she might profit from. Candy034’s future partner should above all be a positive man. The attractive Dutch lady has a very active lifestyle with sports, gatherings, parties and leisure activities. So she expects from her boyfriend to be equally happy with himself, his life and to be willing to go out and do things with her.

Candy034 didn’t find the right man and time yet, to have children. She never saw kids as a priority in her life. But with the right man in her life and if the time is right, she can imagine building a little family sometime in the future.

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