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Miss March 2014

Carroparro10 is a 17 years young lady from Derbyshire, UK, who describes herself as a little crazy. The attractive student joined girlsandgentlemen a few weeks ago after she found the site incidentally on the internet. She had nothing particular in mind about what might arise from this membership, she was just curious and is open to anything from friendship to romance.

The idea of dating older men appealed to her, because of their life experience, their strong will and their stronger ability to make decisions. Carroparro10 says about herself, that she is far too young to know whether she wants to be married or have children one day. For now, she simply wants to enjoy herself and cherish all the great opportunities this world keeps in store for her.

And who could allow her more opportunities, than an older man? With his long standing career, his money and material wealth he worked hard for all his life, and his good manners and intelligence. At least that is what this young and pretty lady is hoping to find one day, a man that might care for her every need.

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