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Miss March 2013

This gorgeous young lady with the kissable lips and irresistible brown eyes is 23 years old and from Budapest, Hungary. She didn’t have anything particular in mind when she joined girlsandgentlemen under her nickname lauramonic. She is curious about what and who might come up here and she is even more curious about what it is like to date older men.

So far, the model-like Brunette was only dating men around her age but going out with older gentlemen appeals to her for various reasons. She is hoping to find a man who is mature and experienced enough to know what women really want. She likes the idea of dating a man who left all the troubles of being young behind him, with both feet on the ground, wise and decisive.

For the love of her life, young and sexy lauramonic is happy to move to another town or even another country. Her motto is never to miss any chances in life and never to regret anything that could have been a great experience. She doesn’t want to be a mother just yet but she knows that she will have a loving husband, a beautiful house and at least two children one day.

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