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Miss February 2013

Anastatia_Singer – The nickname already reveals the most important passion in the life of this seductive beauty. The brunette 27-year-old has been singing ever since she was a kid and would love to do nothing else all day. One reason she registered with girlsandgentlemen was to find a man who supports her dream of becoming a famous and great singer.

Anastatia_Singer was born and raised in Russia and is currently looking for work. The beautiful lady describes herself as very passionate yet a bit shy. This is why she prefers men who make the first move. The things that are most important to her in a man are extraordinarily good manners, style, class, creativity and respect. A man who is just eager for that one thing will be disqualified within the first few minutes. The lovable Russian woman wants to be conquered and sought after by her partner.

For Anastatia_Singer there is no doubt that she wants to get married to the man she falls in love with. For her, there are no such things as friendship between men and women and she would not date a man, unless she could imagine marrying her.

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