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Miss January 2014

This mysterious young beauty from Hillingdon with the nickname PaulaLt is 18 years old and is a real language talent. She was born in Lithuania and speaks, apart from her mother tongue, English, Polish and Russian. The reason why she registered with girlsandgentlemen is her desire to find a man who can provide for her in any aspect. And she feels that only a mature and older man could do that.

PaulaLt is still a student but she has big plans for her future. By any means, she wants to remain socially and financially independent from her future partner. That means establishing her own career and professional background with her own two hands.

Despite her young age, the beautiful Blonde with the blue eyes knows exactly what she wants and that is marrying and starting a family with a man she loves, trusts and looks up to. She is convinced that an older man can give her what she wants and needs – peace of mind and stability in her life.

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