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Miss January 2013

29-year-old Tinkerbell from London was actively searching for a dating platform specially designed for younger women and older men. She ended up choosing girlsandgentlemen because she liked the authenticity and the unmistakable objectives.

The attractive young woman from Romania is proud to be a single mom of a beautiful 6-year old daughter. Her little girl is another reason for her to look for a mature and older partner, as from experience she learned that they have a much better understanding for her situation and a sense for what it means to bring up a kid alone. Former relationships with younger partners often failed because they could not imagine to live with a kid yet, most of all a kid that is not their own. So she figured that she can only get happy with an older, wiser gentleman.

The brown-eyed beauty already made some fixed plans for her future. She wants to develop her career and can even imagine more children with a new love. But for now, the most important thing to her is to establish a good and carefree life for her little daughter.

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