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Proven strategies to meet young and sexy women

It is the ultimate dream that almost every single mature man over 50 shares at least once in a lifetime: Dating young beautiful women, going out with hot young girls, flirting with sexy ladies, and having sexual romances with younger women. For some men it remains a dream for some men the dream comes true and they end up becoming a womanizer surrounded by many young girls. The difference between those men who are dating many attractive girls and those who don’t, is a simple and easy success strategy.

Everybody knows the fictional action figures and epitomes of masculinity like James Bond, Richard Gere or George Clooney. Young and sexy girls are lying at their feet in swarms. You might think now “Yes, of course. If I were to look like them, pretty young ladies would knock on my door and lie to my feet in swarms, too!” This is not true, at least not entirely.

What makes men successful with younger women and what sexy young women are attracted to in men is not their outer appearance alone. It is but the whole and complete package pretty girls like, that means their dating partners don’t necessarily have to look like the above-mentioned movie stars to get it on with attractive young girls. (Even though it surely helps.)

The success with beautiful young women is based on different things. First of which is the place where mature men meet a sexy young lady. The best chances are guaranteed at places, where younger women are relaxed and where they spend their free time. That’s where flirting with hot girls is mostly possible. This could be a bar, a club or a public event or place like museums, exhibitions from hot artists, or concerts. Just make sure you are choosing a place and event, where you are not the only one that looks 30 years older than anyone else does. Young attractive women will not appreciate that and will most likely be turned off by such a performance. Instead, chose places and events where the audience consists of mixed age groups. For example, visit 30+ Parties or go to the Spa with a friend. These are good places to meet beautiful young ladies because that’s where they are totally relaxed and in a great mood. This will certainly boost the changes.

Next is the way you approach sexy young women. Let’s come back to James Bond: in the movies you will see, that his approach to beautiful women is always very charming, classy, stylish and discreet. Self-confidence and self-security are characteristics young women are attracted to. When approaching a sexy woman start a conversation right away that is not a compliment and not related to her looks, dress or appearance. Comment for example your favorite drink, the music or other things surrounding you.

After the chat, say you would have to go and leave her your phone number with a smart smile. You will see, it will work wonders and the young lady will be amused tame like a pussy cat.

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