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How To Deal With Rejection When Dating Online

Being rejected is always hard to accept. Being rejected when dating online can be even harder, because we never get to know why others won’t get in touch with us (anymore). Online dating is a very anonymous way of dating. People hide behind their profiles and screens and choose which information to give out to the online dating community and which to keep for themselves. It is not easy to know who the person behind the online profile is and whether all that they say is actually true. Nevertheless, a lot of members decide to have trust and give it try. They start conversations via email or chat, sometimes even on the phone.

It might happen, that the other person cuts the contact all of a sudden and completely out of the blue. This leaves the left person helpless and with many questions on his or her mind. It is not fair to drop people like that, because they will never get the answer why it actually happened. The thing one should never do in this case is keep contacting the person who stopped the contact in order to find out why it happened. It is hard, but we have to accept his or her decision. As soon as we managed to accept it, we can move on. But a result of this painful experience, online members might close their accounts or lose the will to keep on dating online or they keep on dating and chatting but are a lot more cautious and reserved. And that is a completely natural reaction, but we have to become aware of the truth and that is, that the person who left us – before we even started anything we could actually call a relationship – was not right for us. Otherwise it wouldn’t have ended like it did.

So we have to leave this experience behind and try not to connect it to the experiences we make with other people. And even if it happens a second time, which it might well do, it is no reason to lose hope or belief in oneself. The thing with online dating is, that people’s reactions are more honest because they don’t have to look each other in the face. It is easy to get rid of someone we don’t like (anymore) by just stop contacting them. What might be a disadvantage for one could be the advantage of someone else. Try to see it this way: The online dating world is created for millions of singles to take a look and try different things and discover the possibilities online dating offers. People come and go, that’s the way life is. Online, everything just happens a whole lot faster.

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